Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This is something I wrote a few months back, not really sure what I was going for but I find it appropriately random and entertaining for this blog. Enjoy.

"It all started in Paris. I’m sure this could be said of many people’s adventures, or perhaps stories that are told to illegitimate children when they are finally old enough, but for me, my first stop in a place outside the US was in this charming French city that so many people have fallen in love with.
I didn’t know where the next few months would take me, but as soon as I started wondering through the city I began to fall in love with travel. Every doubt I had about the goals I had set out to accomplish were shaken, and I smiled like a child at their favorite place to be.

After saving money, putting off travel, losing money, saving more money, and finally purchasing a plane ticket and a 3 month long unlimited travel Eurail pass I had finally begun an adventure I should have set out on years ago.
After purchasing the plane ticket, I worked as many hours as I could that would turn a profit at the bar I had been working at. I seldom went out, and did my best not to spend any money I could be saving instead. After one of the last big weekends of the year I walked into the office and told my boss I was heading to Europe and would be back in three months. She hardly blinked, even without me telling her, and doing my best to keep it a secret, she still knew everything. She responded in a short, curt manner telling me to be safe.
I traveled out to Maine before I left traveling with my close friend and on/off room-mate to visit our buddy who was working at Acadia national park as a ranger there, a mutual friend of ours came along to see him and to help send me off from New York. Maine was the perfect getaway from the ho-hum day in, day out lifestyle I had grown so bored with. We climbed a small mountain and stood on top looking over the Atlantic, and I smiled thinking about flying over it and finally stepping foot in another country.
After this we had a seafood feast with plenty of Maine Lobsters, clams, shrimp

I tend to be workaholic in nature, dedicating myself wholly to my job and not allowing myself any breaks other than to smoke myself silly on my days off, or drink till I passed out or got bored and went home. I always viewed vacations as something I couldn’t afford, and foreign countries as places that more privileged people got to visit because their daddies had enough money to send them there.

I couldn’t rely on my parents to send me abroad. Everyone in my family besides my brother is usually fighting to keep their head above the pool of debt we’ve allowed ourselves to step into. So if I wanted to go overseas and see what life was like on the other side of the pond I needed to save up my money and do it myself.

 So there."

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  1. This is awesome. It's time for another blog post Andy. =}